Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Russia 2008, Shuvalov's Swimming School, 8.00

Russia stamp 2008 
The 100th Anniversary of 
Shuvalov's Swimming School

Russia 1998, Combine Harvesters, 0.10

Russia Stamp 1998
Definitive Issue 
Combine Harvesters in Field

USA 2016, Comics, Wonder Woman, Forever

Modern Age
- - -
USA stamp 2016 
The 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman
Bronze Age
Forever a first class stamp

USA 2017, Total Solar Eclipse, Forever

USA stamp 2017 
Total Solar Eclipse
With Thermochromic Ink
Forever a first class stamp

The moon is solid black until you 
put heat on it, then the moon is revealed. 

USA 1993, National Postal Museum, 29 cents

USA stamp 1993 
National Postal Museum
Horse and Rider, Drum, Stagecoach
29 cents

USA 2017, Delicioso - Foods from South of the Border

USA stamp 2017
Delicioso - Foods from South of the Border
Forever a first class stamp 
USA stamp 2017
Delicioso - Foods from South of the Border
Forever a first class stamp

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Japan 2016, Natural Monuments, Kamikochi, Bird, 82

Japan (Nippon) stamp 2016
 Natural Monuments, Kamikochi
Bird, 82

Hungary 2016, (printed 2015), Greetings, Poppy Flower

Hungary (Magyarorszag) stamp 2016
(The stamp was printed in 2015.)
Greetings, Poppy Flower

Great Britain 1980, Victorian Novelists, Emily Bronte, 15

Great Britain stamp 1980
Victorian Novelists
Emily Bronte, 15 P

Great Britain 1979, Uniform Postage, Sir Rowland Hill, 15

Great Britain stamp 1979
Uniform Postage 1840
The 100th Anniversary of the 
Death of Sir Rowland Hill
15 P

Germany 2017, Classic Cars, Opel Manta A, 90

Germany (Deutschland) stamp 2017
Classic Cars
Opel Manta A, 1970-75

Finland 2017, The Face of Finland, 1.20

Finland stamp 2017
The Face of Finland, 1.20
- - - - - - -
Posti ran a campaign in fall 2016 to collect photos of faces from the public for a special stamp publication to mark Finland's centenary of independence. The thousands of photos come together like a mosaic to form different stamps, which are positioned on the sheet in the form of the map of Finland. Each stamp and booklet will be unique.

"These stamps are worth a close look, as receivers and senders might spot their own face or the faces of acquaintances on them," says Tommi Kantola, Design Manager at Posti.

Estonia 2017, Post Horn, 0,10 and 1.40

Estonia (Eesti) stamp 2017
Post Horn in yellow, 0.10
- - -
Estonia (Eesti) stamp 2017
Post Horn in blue, 1.40

Bermuda 2015, Flowers, Bermuda in Bloom, Oleander, 1.00

Bermuda stamp 2015
Flowers, Bermuda in Bloom
Nerium Oleander, 1.00

Belgium 2016, King Philippe, A Prior, 1 World

Belgium stamp 2016
Belgie Belgique 
King Philippe
A Prior, 1 World

Finland 2017, Birds, Arktika, Long-tailed Duck, 0,10

Finland stamp 2017
Birds, Arktika
Clangula hyemalis
Long-tailed duck

Finland 2016, WWF, Endangered Species, 1

Finland stamp 2016
WWF, Endangered Species
Anser erythropus
Lesser white-fronted goose
1 LK KL 
- - -
Pusa hispida siamensis
Ringed sea
- - -
Nehalennia speciosa

Finland 2016, Finnish Barns, 1 LK KL

Finland stamp 2016
Finnish Barns

USA 2017, Seashells, Four Postcard Rate Stamps

Alphabet Cone
- - -
Pacific calico scallop
- - - 
Zebra Nerite
- - - 
Queen Conch
- - - 
These four postcard stamps celebrate the wonder of seashells. Each stamp depicts one iconic shell found in North American waters: the alphabet cone, the Pacific calico scallop, the zebra nerite, and the Queen conch, commonly known as the pink conch.