Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hungary 2004, A Magyar Tudomany Unnepe (Scientists)

Hungary (Magyarorszag) stamp 2004 
A Magyar Tudomany (Day of Hungarian Science)
80 Ft

Hungary 2005, Opening of the Home of the Future in Budapest 100

Hungary (Magyarorszag) stamp 2005 
Jovohaza (The House of the Future)
A Millenaris Parkban (Millenium Park) Budapest
100 Ft

Hungary 2006, synchronized swimming 90

Hungary (Magyarorszag) stamp 2006 
Uszo Europa-Bajnoksag 
(Swimming Championship) 90

Great Britain (Universal Mail) Blenheim Palace, XT 500

Great Britain stamp 
Universal Mail (they produce tourist  related stamps)
Blenheim Palace, XT 500
- - - - - -
Blenheim Palace is a monumental country house situated in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, residence of the dukes of Marlborough. It is the only non-royal non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title of palace. The palace, one of England's largest houses, was built between 1705 and circa 1722. Blenheim Palace was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

Ukraine 2013, Leaf and Nut of a Tree N

Ukraine stamp 2013
Leaf and Nut of a Tree

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hungary 2009, alopex lag opus (Fox) 260

Hungary (Magyarorszag) stamp 2009 
 alopex lagopus  (Arctic Fox) 260 Ft

Russia 2003, Christmas, Felt, 7.00

Russia stamp 2003
Santa at Christmas time 7.00

This stamp is made from felt or a soft foam of some kind!  

Russia 2004, Art of a Monk or Knight, 12 p.

Russia stamp 2004 
The 850th Birth Anniversary of Vsevolod the Big Nest
12 p.
- - - - -
Vsevolod III Yuryevich, or Vsevolod the Big Nest, was the Grand Prince of Vladimir during whose long reign (1177–1212) the city reached the zenith of its glory.

Portugal 2008, Funchal City by the Sea 0,30

Portugal stamp 2008
Funchal 500 anos (years) 0,30

Monday, March 31, 2014

Portugal 2007, Horse and Trolley 0,50

Portugal stamp 2007
Americano > 1873, Carris (Lisboa)
Urban Public Transport 0,50

Greece 2008 Food 0,03

Hellas (Greece) stamp 2008 
From the series: Traditional Greek Products
Cheese and tomatoes - 0,03

Greece 2008, building 0,67

Greece (Hellas) stamp 2008
Greek Islands - Kos,  0,67

Belgium 2013, 150th Aniv. of the Int. Red Cross (Joint issue with Spain)

Belgium (Belgique - Belgie) stamp 2013
150th Anniversary of the International Red Cross 1863 - 2013 
(Joint issue with Spain)

Finland 2013, Postal Vehicles (Europa) 1 lk kl

Finland stamp 2013
Postal Vehicles (Europa) 1 lk kl
Finland stamp 2013
Postal Vehicles (Europa) 1 lk kl
- - -
My friend found this stamp on the ground sun bleached like this.  
She put it on a postcard and sent it to me to see if it would make it here and it did!  
On the first stamp above you can see what the stamp is supposed to look like. 

France (Republique Francaise) 1971, New Marianne Type, Red 0,50

France (Republique Francaise) stamp 1971
New Marianne Type, Red 0,50