Friday, February 5, 2016

Japan 2009, Japanese Comic Books, 80

Japan (Nippon)  stamp 2009
The 50th Anniversary of Japanese 
Weekly Comic Books for Kids
- - -
Here is the decorative stamp on the 
stamp sheet that goes with this stamp...


  1. These are very different for toy's Sunday Stamps illustrations. I like that you show them.

  2. Im not very familiar with Japanese comic books, mainly the cartoons (which are AWESOME, esp. the Miyazaki ones) but looking at these, Im sure Im gonna love the comic books as well...all these characters have so much soul!

  3. I love the variety of subjects in Japanese stamps, from traditional scenes to modern issues like this one. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. I rarely see any Japanese stamps and none like these.

  5. I like the style of the first one (though am a little perturbed that it says "...comic books for boys"!). I love everything by Miyazaki and Ghibli.
    Glad you shared these with us.